Installation Instructions

Please ensure that these instructions are correctly abided by, for a problem free & lasting experience in using “Elem Valves” product.

  1. Remove the protective plug or the adhesive tape from the valve before installing it, on to the pipeline.
  2. Don’t cut extra long thread on the pipe, as it may damage the valve interior.
  3. Clean the pipe end & apply the bonding material only on the threaded area of the pipe & not of the valve.
  4. Install valve, always with its arrow, wherever applicable, pointing in the direction of the flow.
  5. Please see to it, that the valve is always installed in its correct posture (preferably straight).
  6. While installing the flanged valve, always use properly matching companion flanges with suitable flange packing.
  7. Always tighten the valve from the near end of the joint & do not attempt to force the joint, too tight, with an extra long handled wrench, which is likely to wrap / crack valve body & throw the valve seat out of alignment.
  8. Flush clean the pipeline, after installation of the valve, keeping the valve seat in fully open position, in order to flush away the foreign particles present in the pipeline, if any.
  9. It is always advisable, to install a strainer in the pipeline, before the valve to avoid any foreign matter from entering the valve.
  10. Please ensure that the valve selected is of suitable pressure / temperature rating & is in correct accordance with your requirement.
  11. After the prolonged use of valve, in the rare event, if the valve shows any slight leakage at the gland, please tighten the gland nut(s) uniformly.

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